Kojo Annan

Serial entrepreneur and investor.


Kojo Annan is a serial entrepreneur and investor, with an extensive global network and strong track record of growing new businesses across international markets.

He is currently managing Vector Global, an investment holding company with interest in infrastructure, technology, sport, education and biotech.

He is also currently acting as the executive Vice Chairman and co-founder of Made in Africa (MIA), a technology driven apparel trading company focused on sustainable manufacturing which develops high-growth early stage brands that will become market leaders and manages export supply chains for global market leaders who are moving their manufacturing base to Africa. Among the early achievements of MIA is the creation of Uniform, an African brand which currently sells at Bloomingdales.

Kojo started his career in natural resources and infrastructure most notably by founding Meridian Port Services (MPS) in partnership with the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority, Bolloré and Maersk (APM Terminals) to develop a modern container terminal in Tema, Ghana. Today it is arguably the most efficient and technologically advanced port in the sub Saharan region. As the most important public-private partnership in Ghana's history, the new port of Tema will be able to accommodate next-generation ships (up to 18,000 TEUs) and handle the increasing flows of goods to and from Ghana and the hinterland. The new Port of Tema will significantly boost economic growth and trade revenues for local companies with an estimated US$ 1.1 billion rise in global value added to the Ghanaian economy and around 450,000 indirect jobs generated.

From a young age, Kojo has been very much involved in sports. In the period between 1999-2003 he served as the President of Vevey Sports FC in Switzerland and through his companies undertook the marketing campaign of the FIFA U-20 World Cup 1999 in Nigeria and the African Cup of Nations in 2000 (co-shared between Ghana and Nigeria) as well as became a marketing partner to the Ghana national football team from 2000 to 2003.

More recently in 2016, he founded Africa 10 (A10), a social enterprise dedicated to developing African youth through sports and education. A10 has commenced operation by providing scholarships to young Africans in order to attend established sports education university programs in the UK.

Kojo holds degrees in Economics and Political Science, is fluent in both French and English and proficient in Yoruba.

He has two beautiful children with his wife Shanthi and he is primarily based in London.


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17/01/2020 - Afrenimbank Signs Term Sheet for 190 Million Dollar Facility to Made in Africa Inc.

23/01/2020 - 50th Anniversary celebration of the World Economic Forum Annual Meetings.

31/01/2020 - Davos Africa night co-hosted by Africa10.


Founder of leading pan Africa youth
organization for excellence, innovation
and leadership.


Africa10 (A10) promotes social and grassroots development of young people through the transformative power of sport.

Our misssion is to create a global A10 generation of champions on and off the field that will empower and uplift the African continent.

A10 is focused on leadership development through elite sport and education. Football in Africa is a natural starting point for A10 to commence its development programmes.

The A10 aim is to identify, inspire, educate and mentor the next generation of sporting talent and global leaders.

Africa10 purpose

Africa has long been resource-rich and outcome-poor. Gold, diamonds, oil, copper etc - all are abundant and yet these resources haven't been enough to lift the continent out of poverty. Perhaps because as African countries focused on natural resources, they overlooked the most important resource.

We believe that Africa's most promising, productive and transformational natural resource is the continent's youth. This is the new generation - restless, optimistic, irrepressible and creative. This is the generation that will define Africa's promise and determine its future.

A10 exists to help fuel this generation - to unlock the potential of Africa's youth through sport and education.

MIA - Made in Africa

Executive Vice Chairman of a
global Fashion holding company,
rooted in Africa.


It was founded in 2018 for the purpose of acquiring:

Vlisco (founded 1846), Maiyet (founded 2011), Zuvaa (founded 2014), UNIFORM and MadeInAfrica.com (founded by L&J 2010 - 2016)

There is a massive shift happening in global culture. We believe that authenthic African brands resonate and serve the needs of the African (and diaspora) community better than the competition. Everyone in Africa and the diaspora can name French, Italian, British, Spanish, or American iconic fashion brands.

But can anyone name an African fashion brand?

The African domestic apparel market is 32$ billion and growing. The African apparel export opportunity is growing.

We focus on brands because, in comparison to manufacturers, brands create more long term value. While every major luxury and fashion house focuses on her... Our primary coompetitive advantage is our relationship with her. Our secondary competitive advantage is our creative direction. Our third competitive edge comes from innovation in manufacturing.